Alright, hold it right there, I know what you're thinking. Or if you're not thinking it yet, well start thinking it quick so I can beat it out of you. Blogging as a cathartic outlet -- that's not what this is about. I'm not here to satisfy the existential condition, I'm here to break out of it. To go beyond what has been done in the past and to do something truly unique, for uniqueness sake. Why? Because I need to. I need to create something. I'm hard-wired to do it, to manifest my cognitive surplus in the manner that gives me the greatest pleasure. Why? Fuck, I don't know, do you? Think for a second on this... what makes you do the things you do? It's fun that's why! And fun is part of The Now. This is fun.



Somehow, you found this. Leave now, lest your curiosity get the best of you.

Be warned that you'll be shoved through some doors that you probably won't like. If this prospect doesn't appeal to you, then now is the best time you will ever have to stop reading. I hate you as much as I hate anything else. With that out of the way, it's time for some content.

What you think does not matter in discourse; all that is important is your understanding. By focusing on thinking up ways to fight the discussion, you are only hindering your chances of forming a unique opinion. If you understand, you will not need to think; and if you think, it is only because you do not understand. So stop thinking, you're just adding unnecessary entropy to the universe. Wait until you need to.

On that note, welcome to DC. Comments enabled.